5 Days Free Dinner

By FattyDaddyFattyMummy|December 20, 2016|Promotion|


Terms and Conditions
1. Valid for All Customers
2. Make payment before 31 Jan, 12pm
3. Start the package any days (the day where there is service) in Feb 17
4. Package does not include Rice and Microwave Container
5. Only 1 pax package will include Bento boxes and Rice
6. Menu will change without prior notice
7. Choose 4 /5 days eating schedule per week (for 4 days eating schedule it must be fixed)
8. Up to 3 Cancellation
9. Cancellation to be made at least 1.5 day in advance
10. Strictly No Refund
11. Termination 3 days before
12. Auto-renewed to 20 days after end of this package


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