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Common Question for Tingkat Service

1. Do you have any delivery on weekend and public holiday?

No. We do not delivered on weekend and public holiday. Your package will be extended, there shall be no refund.

2. Can I postpone my meal if I cannot eat at home?

Yes, you can. Each contract is entitle of 2 postpone request and your contract will be extended accordingly. However, all requests to be informed 2 working days in advance. Last minutes request, shall not have replacement meal.

3. What is the delivery time?

Lunch 10-1pm, Dinner 3-7pm

4. Can I choose my preferred delivery time?

No. As our drivers has need to following his routing plan, we are unable to facilitate any customer request. All delivery will be done according to our schedule (see Q3)

5. I want to change my package?

Due to system limitation, package can only be amended before it start. Once contract started, there shall be no amendment.

6. I want to refund ?

There shall be no refund when the contract has started.

7. Why I didn’t receive my meal today?

If you did not received your meal by 630pm. Please send an email with your address and contact detail to We will check and get back you. Please also note that if payment is not received after reminder, it will be suspended.

8. Can I use my own container or tiffin or plastic container?

To standardise our process, we will provide microwavable paper container.

9. Why I received an invoice from your company?

Our company adopted auto renewal model, all contracts will be auto renewed unless being specific. If you have any changes in your package, please let us know 3 working days before the start of contract. Otherwise it will be deem as no change and meal will be send to you, regardless payment made or not.

10. I did not make payment but I’m still receiving meals?

Our company understand that most our customers are very busy and sometime cannot remember their last day of delivery. To help them with this chore, we adopted the auto renewed model. All contract will be auto renewed and customer will received a new invoice on their upcoming cycle. Upon receiving it, customer will have to inform us on their intension (stop or change package) on their upcoming cycle. Therefore if there is no specific instructions from customers, we will assume they need the meal and we will continue to send even payment is not made. Once contract has started and you want to stop immediately, you can opt for voluntarily termination .(see point 13)

11. I am not aware of the auto renewal system and I want to withdraw my contract.

The auto renewal system is spelled clearly in our terms and conditions and also in the invoice we have send to you. However, once the contract has started and you want to stop immediately, you can opt for voluntarily termination .(see point 13)

12. I can manage my delivery date and like to opt out from auto renewal.

Sure! We are able to do this for you. Please let us know before the start of the contract or 3 working days before the start of the new cycle.

13. What is voluntarily termination by customer?

This clause is exercise if customer did not make payment after delivery has been made and or customer not aware of auto renewal system and wish to withdraw contract after meal has send to them. An admin charges of $80 plus the charges of the meals delivered will be billed to customer.

14. I want to request for more rice/more vegetable/more meat/more soup.

Our serving size is standard for all our customers therefore we are unable to facilitate with this request. You may like to consider upgrading the package.

15. I don’t like a dish, I want to ask for replacement.

Our menu is fixed, therefore we are unable to accommodate this request.

16. Why i receive the dish different from the menu?

Our stock come in daily, and if the stock is not in good quality we are unable to use them. Therefore we need to change our menu accordingly.

17. What if there is no one at home to receive the food?

For Tingkat service, we don’t require anyone to be at home. We will hang the food at the customer door or gate.

18. I have special request?

As our resource is very limited, we can only facilitate common request (no spicy, no seafood etc) only. Please refer to our menu for details.

19. How should i handle my food, we are eating late?

If possible, put the food in the fridge. Heat up for more than 2 mins and more than 70 degree, please eating.


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