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Tingkat Dinner (Regular Menu)

Regular Tingkat Dinner

We offer home cook meal deliver to your door steps. Menu are planned according to Daddy and Mummy 's childhood dish, incoperate of Nonya, Hainaness and Hokkien flavour. 

Meal are also prepare with No MGS , Less Salt and Less Oil. At Fattydaddyfattymummy, we only use healthier choice oil and lower sodium salt.

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Side Note
*Dinner only 
*Delivery to Residential Only
*For Condo delivery, we need your assistance for smooth delivery to your unit. If we are unable to go up to your unit, due to security reasons or any other reasons, we will give you  a call. However, if you are unreachable after our third call attempts, we will move on with other delivery and your order will be forfettited. 

*Menu might subject to changes without notice

*This is Regular Tingkat Menu contain processed food. For Zero Processed food and Zero Canned food menu please click Love,Tingkat!

* Contract will be auto renewed as form of reminder to you on your ending of contract. Please let us know 3 working days in advance if you wished to stop or amend contract. If we don't hear from you, the contract will be activated. 


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