Food Catering

Food Catering

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Regular Buffet - Menu A (MIN 50 Pax)

Regular - Menu A

Regular Buffet - Menu A (MIN 50 Pax) Regular - Menu A
Super value buffet catering service. No GST Call 61000087
$9.59 In stock
Rice / Noodle Yang Chow Fried Rice 杨州炒饭 (Veg option Available) (0) Sin Chow Bee Hoon 新州米粉 (Veg option Available (0) Thai Pineapple Rice w Chicken Floss 黄梨肉松炒饭 (0) Nonya Fried Mee Siam 炒娘惹米暹 (0) Fried Hong Kong Mee 炒香港面 (0)
Chicken Signature Nonya Curry Chicken 招牌娘惹咖哩鸡 (0) Thai Garlic Chicken 酥炸蒜鸡 (0) Sichuan Chicken with Cashew Nut 四川腰豆鸡 (0) Sweet and Sour Chicken 酸甜鸡 (0) Black Pepper Chicken 黑椒鸡 (0)
Fish Classic Salt Pepper Fish fillet 椒盐鱼片 (0) Sweet & Sour Fish 酸甜鱼 (0) Crispy Fish Fritter with Home Made Spicy Mango Dip 香酥鱼配辛辣芒果酱 (0) Nonya Assam Pedas (Assam Fish) 娘惹香辣鱼 (0.8) Ocean Catch with tartar Dip面包鱼配塔塔酱 (0)
Vegetable Cauliflower with mixed vegetable 菜花杂菜 (0) Broccoli with mixed mushroom 西兰花杂菇 (0) Sayor Lodeh (Nonya Curry Veg) 娘惹咖哩菜 (0.5) Nonya Chap Chye with Sweet Tau Kee (Veg) 娘惹杂菜 (0) luo han cabbage 罗汉包菜 (0)
Dim Sum Home made mini soon kueh 自制米你笋粿 (0) Steamed Yam Cake 蒸芋头糕 (0) Seafood Siew Mai 海鲜烧卖 (0) Prawn Dumping 虾饺 (0) steamed crystal dumpling 蒸水晶包 (0)
Sides Vegtarian springroll 素春卷 (0) Crispy samosa 香脆咖哩角 (0) Golden Fish Ball 炸黄金鱼圆 (0) Chicken Nuggets 炸鸡块 (0) Breaded fish nugget 面包鱼柳 (0)
Dessert Longan w Mixed Fruit Cocktail 龙眼杂果 (0) Honey Sea Coconut w Longan 海底椰龙眼 (0) Grass Jelly with Longan 仙草龙眼 (0) Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black Gluntious Rice) 黑糯米 (0)
Prawn Fragrance Crispy Cereal Prawn 香脆麦片虾 (0) Black Pepper Prawn 黑椒虾 (0) Salted Egg Prawn 咸蛋虾 (0.8) Home Style Sambal Prawn 家乡叁岜虾 (0) Stired fry prawn in Szechuan style 四川虾 (0)
Beverage Fruit punch 果汁 (0) Orange juice 橙汁 (0) Refreshing Lime (0)
Delivery Date(No available from 26 Jan -17 Feb 19)
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