3 Ways Tingkat Meals are Better than Your Traditional Takeout

3 Ways Tingkat Meals are Better than Your Traditional Takeout

Not everyone has the time to whip up home-cooked dishes, especially lunch and dinner, which are smack right in the course of the day. Some days, you might also find yourself craving takeout food instead of the standard home fare. These situations lead to the old standby -- fast food and other traditional takeout options. 

However, even if your time is compromised, it doesn’t mean you should likewise compromise on the wholesome benefits of home-cooked food. The demand is simple -- that of hearty, filling, flavorful and nutritious food for oneself and the family. Tingkat meals easily provide these advantages.

Tingkat services deliver an excellent menu of fresh-cooked food right to your doorstep for a contracted period of time. There are many benefits of availing of Tingkat home delivery in Singapore that outweigh almost any other takeout food type. Here are some of them. 

1. Tingkat meals are healthier. 

This is not just an empty, take-our-word-for-it claim. After all, fast food means food that’s cooked fast, often meaning that it is frozen, preheated, or precooked, emphasising speedy service to the customer. These food types are often highly flavoured, calorically dense, and nutritionally deficient. The unnatural amounts of salt, sugar, saturated fats and trans-fats also result in a wide range of short-term and long-term problems for the consumer.

On the other hand, Tingkat food is all about healthy and mindful eating with real food. It is perfect for those seeking the benefits of home-cooked meals minus the kitchen labour. Tingkat chefs design the menu mindfully in a way that uses less salt and grease and adds zero MSG and preservatives. 

2. Tingkat meals are freshly cooked + with natural ingredients. 

Aside from using frozen food, fast food eateries do not typically serve fresh fruits and vegetables. As already mentioned, they also do not usually follow the recommendations for a well-balanced diet. On the other hand, Tingkat services are managed by chefs that care about you and your food and source only from the best suppliers. The menu features freshly-cooked meals with ingredients fresh from the market; this way, you get to enjoy meals that are nutritious and appetising. 

Another benefit of Tingkat is perhaps the decreased risk of allergic reactions — with the compressed ingredients and ambiguous flavourings of fast food, it’s hard to know what ingredients are present in your takeout. With Tingkat food, you can adjust your choices to your dietary needs and ensure that you and your family eat only healthy food with the quality and transparency you deserve.

3. Tingkat meals are exciting!

Granted, you are considering takeout because you are tired of thinking about what to make for lunch or dinner; but this doesn’t mean that you don’t care what you eat for lunch or dinner, right? Everyone loves variety in their daily meals. The unimaginative menu of most takeout restaurants often features the same limited food choices with the same pre-made ingredients day in and day out.

But Tingkat services can serve you different cuisines every day, allowing you to choose the food you love. With Tingkat meals, there are many dishes from sundry cuisines to rotate around, so your menu will vary day-to-day, and you will never be bored with the same old fare. Whether you’re in the mood for Western, Korean, Japanese, and many more, you are sure to get a fix for your palate.