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FattyDaddyFattyMummy offers a full range of catering service in Singapore. From Buffet Catering to Tingkat Service. 
Our Tingkat menu provide a healthier alternative to busy Singaporean. Love, Tingkat! ‘s menu is HPB’s approved. Serving with less salt, less oil, zero MSG, Zero Processed Food and use Healthier Choice Oil. 
Delightful, Tingkat! provide a variety of cuisine so that stay home meal will be more interesting.


Love, Tingkat
Healthier Choice Endorsed, No Processed Food Menu

First in Sinapore to provide Healthier Choice Endorsed, Zero Processed Food, Zero Canned Food Tingkat Menu

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Delightful, Tingkat

This menu serves different cuisine daily.
From western, local, tradional menu……Dinner only

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Regular Tingkat

(Tingkat Dinner) Back by popular Demand.

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Mini Buffet Catering

Mini Buffet Catering Special Edition
New Menu Package for 8-10 pax.

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Sharing Platter

New Menu in the house. This platter set cater for small group get together

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We just had a little girl so i don’t want to stress my wife out with daily house chores.  I decided to order Tingkat for our dinner and i chance upon Love, Tingkat! I chose Love, Tingkat and I did not regret it. My wife needed more nutritious meal afterall she is always on 24hr stand by for our daughter. As I am also a big eater, i feel the portion provided is just right for us. For taste wise, i would say it suits both my wife and me. We look forward for our next 20 days of meals.
Father of 1, Ang Mo Kio, 20 days Love, Tingkat

Cecilia Lee

Have been ordering their tingkat dinner since last year. The food suits my family, not too salty.
I will say the menu is suitable for us.
Mother of 2, Serangoon, 16 days Tingkat Dinner

Tracey Foong

I am a full time working mum and I am hoping that my family can have nutritious meals every day. To have good quality time with my little ones, especially after school, my hubby and I decided to try out Love, Tingkat, 10 days trial. We were quite sceptical about the nutritional value and acceptance of the food by our children. We were satisfied that the food (we love the steam fish!) came in fresh and with great presentation. Most importantly, there are no processed or artificial colouring food.  It fits into my idea of ‘healthy and tasty’ choice and our children love the meals. Will definitely recommend Love, Tingkat.
Mother of 2, Jurong, 10 Days Package

Alverna Cher

My work need to be 24hr on standby mode. I cannot be always around to cook for both my daughters. I used to order Tingkat but i feel that is still not what i want as often see nuggets or crab meat in the menu.  When i knew about this Love, Tingkat! i immediately get a 10 days trial. So far i don’t have any complaint.
Mother of 2, Punggol, 10 Days Love Tingkat


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