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Having done tingkat for some time, we noticed that there is no healthy tingkat delivery in Singapore. This came as a surprise as we know of many people and families that order healthy tingkat for the elderly and their children.  As such, we make sure to have a healthy, zero processed food, no MSG tingkat option to ensure that they get the best nutrition in their daily meals – and we are proud to say that we are the first company to obtain the Healthier Choice Endorsement in Singapore.

We are also the first to offer a healthy tingkat menu specially designed with zero canned and processed food. Our mission is simple – to encourage healthy eating with real food.

Nutrition and health is our priority

Knowing that our Love, Tingkat! will be the healthy choice for many health-conscious families with kids and elderly, we intentionally use fresh ingredients to provide the most nutrition. We also utilise less salt and oil and no MSG so that people of all most general health conditions can eat our food.

Our menu is carefully designed to follow the 9 objectives below:

  • Singapore healthier choice certified
  • Uses low sodium salt
  • Uses healthier canola oil
  • Uses less salt and oil in our dishes
  • Uses zero MSG and artificial flavors 
  • Has zero processed or canned food and ingredients
  • Wider choice of ingredients
  • Daily nutritious and nourishing soup
  • Uses microwavable paper containers for reheating

We know what it’s like for parents who want to cook nutritious, quality food for the family and we cook the very same food for you and your family with our healthy tingkat meals. So whether you have your own young ones or have elderly at home and you’re looking for healthy tingkat delivery in Singapore, know that this is the best food this island has to offer!

Healthy food can taste good as well

Many people associate bland food with healthiness, but they can’t be any further from the truth. Healthiness doesn’t mean a lack of flavour (and nutrition) but instead utilises a wide range of ingredients to provide a whole range of nutrition for those eating it, especially when you’re ordering healthy tingkat for the elderly.

Indeed, whoever said good food can’t be healthy clearly hasn’t seen what we have to offer? We bring the professional experience of a chef to create a healthy menu, making sure that the lack of MSG and artificial flavouring isn’t an issue. In fact, using fresh ingredients, premium sauces and proper technique ensures that our food tastes even better than its counterparts, often made with more salt and oil. So whether it’s daily healthy tingkat meals, healthy tingkat catering or just a week of food, you can be sure that you’re getting flavour packed, healthy food for each meal. In fact, we have many satisfied customers who have wondered how our no MSG tingkat can taste so good!

Having a huge variety of dishes 

As you can see from our monthly menus, no two dishes are the same on any given day. While many families do cook, they often learn from their own parents or cook in their own time. They might know one or two familiar dishes that they are good at, but eating those consistently might result in boredom from the same few dishes every now and then. Thus, having a professional chef cook different dishes for daily healthy tingkat meals or for healthy tingkat catering allows for a spread of dishes, so you never get tired of your food on any given day.

Important Information To Note:

  • Delivery Time: 10-1pm for lunch, 3-7pm for dinner (no choosing of time)
  • Delivery to residential areas only.
  • Menu is subject to change without notice.
  • Weekdays only, no delivery on Public Holidays and weekends
  • Lunch and dinner menus are the same for each day.

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