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Hello friends welcome to the fatty family. :> Why fatty? Because daddy and mummy are oversize (yes, overdose of food) :>

First, let me introduced myself, I’m Fatty Mummy – Fion. I become a Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) as we have a new member to our family. Same problem with many families in Singapore, we are unable to get someone to take care so mummy has to stay at home.

Next, is Fatty Bom Bom – my son, Waynn. Oh! P1 this year and he got his nickname because he once grew too fast… (update he is Sec 2 this year, 2022)
Follow on is Fatty Cuttie – Born in Jubilee year, got her nick because she is simply adorable! (update, P2 this year, 2023)


FattyDaddyFattyMummy was founded to provide assistant to busy parents by delivery them daily home cooked meal. With continue support from our customers,  FattyDaddytFattyMummy has evolved to become a full fledged catering company, providing Tingkat, Bento and Buffet Services. We are also proud sponsor of NDP 2019.

Our kitchen director is head by FattyDaddy – Kedan. (Update, gone home w the lord in Dec 22, mummy took over as Kitchen director) Oh Yes! He is a chef by profession. Used to work at Brasserie Wolf, Hiroki 88, Kriston Catering and Jewel @ Mount Faber. Our menu encompassed our family recipes and favorite menu from chef daddy, mummy and ah ma.

Our proud product will be our Love, Tingkat!  – First in Singapore with Zero Processed Food, Zero Canned Food, No Added MSG, Less Salt, Less Oil and Daily Nourishing Soup. Love, Tingkat! is a subscription based meal delivery, Mon to Fri except Public Holiday. 

Next our next best seller will be our mini buffet series. Hassle-free buffet cater to small group gathering and party



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