4 Tips To Plan A Mini Buffet Menu That Will Wow Your Guests

4 Tips To Plan A Mini Buffet Menu That Will Wow Your Guests

Whatever the occasion is, hosting a social gathering can be a pretty stressful occasion. Not only do you have to pack your place, ready a proper playlist and be on your toes to entertain your guests, you’ll also need to think about the food the guests will enjoy that night.

When serving food for guests, it’s important to keep the adage “less is more” in mind. It’s worth considering that a well-planned menu with delicious and healthy food choices would be a better choice rather than going for different contrasting flavours and cuisines. A mini buffet will be an excellent option if you’re hosting a large group of people for a dinner party. This is especially true now that you can food for various numbers of people to prepare mini buffet at home which can save you a lot of time, headaches and even money.

To avoid getting stressed out in planning your mini buffet menu, here are some valuable tips you can follow.

1. Flavour combinations

Avoid choosing dishes with clashing flavours. Remember that people often pile a little bit of everything onto their plate. By ensuring that all the food on your buffet table complements one another, you’ll be giving your guests an enjoyable dining experience. Ensure that you have a variety of appetisers, mains, sides and even desserts. This allows the guests to enjoy a spread that they can choose from.

2. Think about the setting

Will it be a buffet or plated dinner party? Will you have a table setting for guests, or are they free to sit anywhere they want? In short, your setting will determine whether you should pick dishes that require guests to sit around a table and use a knife and fork or not. Serving big slices of steak, for example, won’t be appropriate if your family and friends are balancing their plates on their laps. Instead, choose to go for smaller bites or ensure that there are smaller plates that they can carry around easily as they talk to friends and other guests alike.

3. Dietary restrictions

Some of your family or friends may have special dietary restrictions, which means that they might not be able to eat the food you’ll be serving. So, to ensure that all of your guests will enjoy your mini buffet spread, you can politely ask them in advance if they have any food allergies or special dietary requirements. If in doubt, choose a general variety of vegetarian and at least a fish option so that none of your guests will be left out when it comes to the meal arrangements.

4. Budget and time

For any get-together, you should set a bigger budget for the food. However, if you have limited means, it’s best to go for more affordable but delicious options.  As for the time to prepare for everything, it makes much more sense if you have food delivered instead. You are still free to prepare one or two of your go-to dinner dishes while having peace of mind that you have a variety of food options covered.


Planning is always the key to a great gathering. However, if you’re pressed for time and are looking for a quick solution, especially for your buffet menu, it’s best to have food delivered to you so you can plan for the other essential aspects of your gathering.

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