Tingkat - Delicious And Healthy Home-Cooked Food Delivered

Tingkat - Delicious And Healthy Home-Cooked Food Delivered

There is nothing better tasting than homecooked food. This is the thoughts and sentiments of many that we have heard through countless conversations and meals. As we get busier and busier, many of us start ordering more takeaways and eating at hawker centers instead of cooking at home. Singapore’s rising cost of living dictates as such, and while many of us have grown up eating homecooked food with our grandparents and parents, we might not be able to say the same for our children growing up.

Yet, there is something familial about eating dinner at our own dinner table we just can’t forget. Still, what makes tingkat different from takeouts and other food deliveries we buy home? We share 3 of our top reasons why we send home-cooked food to your door.

Homecooked taste from familiar and new ingredients

Made with the same ingredients most families would use, our food is made from ingredients utilised in almost every Singaporean’s household. While we use techniques and premium sauces that come from our experience in a professional kitchen, the base of fresh and familiar ingredients creates that homecooked taste we all miss and crave.

Still, we like to include various new ingredients that some might not consider because they have not eaten them or utilised them in their homecooked meals before. While remaining easy on the palate because of the familiar tastes and preparation techniques, this allows you and your children to get a variety of flavours across dinners in the week. Who knows, you might find your next favourite home-cooked dish with us!

Healthy, nutritious and no MSG

Whether it is healthy tingkat for the elderly or healthy tingkat delivery in Singapore, we take pride in providing healthy, nutritious food with no added MSG to all of our customers and clients. Just as how we would feed our own family (and how a parent would feed their children), the spirit of tingkat lay in the fact that homecooked food is always nutritious as it is delicious.

Most of our customers order tingkat for their families, many of which include elderly and young children, as a substitution for takeout that often consists of either unhealthy food made with too much salt and oil or has a differing taste from the traditional homecooked food that we’re used to. That is why tingkat delivery becomes a preferred choice as it becomes a solution that answers both considerations. Delivered straight to your door for convenience right after your workday, you come home straight for a delicious and healthy dinner for the whole family.

Dinner by the dining table with our loved ones

Sometimes we choose to believe that it’s more than just how good the food is, whether it’s cooked by a chef or by amateur hands, that makes the food taste good. We recount the countless intimate moments of sharing, the good moments, the sad ones, the difficult times, or the ones where we eat to celebrate the little victories of the day. Food is what brings people together, and all these moments enabled by a fellowship around the table makes the food taste all the more homely and delicious. 

We recount the stories of how our parents purposely got off work early each day to rush home and prepare a meal for us to share while we were younger, creating a safe space and setting for us to share a precious hour that we have gotten accustomed to in our growing up days. While things might not be the same with our busy schedules now, having tingkat can still allow such fond moments to be created and be a tradition we carry down with our children.


For some, tingkat is just a means for food delivery. But for our customers and us, tingkat is a tradition adapted to a modern palate and lifestyle. While many see it as inevitable due to the increasing busyness of our work life, all of us at FattyDaddyFattyMummy believe that the thought that goes behind all our cooking and food shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored. We take great pride in cooking the most delicious and nutritious meal we can, so you know you are giving the best for your family too.