3 Common Questions People Ask Before Getting Love, Tingkat!

3 Common Questions People Ask Before Getting Love, Tingkat!

Tingkat is just convenient, fast food right?

That is what we hear from most people when they first start ordering home-delivered Tingkat meals from us. From people who lead busy lifestyles to those that want to save time on various house chores or even those that want a wider variety of flavours on the dining table – there are indeed many reasons to order our food. But one thing we’ve heard over time is a group of people asking for healthier options or Tingkat that utilizes fresh ingredients.

We thought about it and realized that this option is something we want to provide for all families out there, especially for those with children or elderly, as they require more nutrients for their food. So, without further ado, we share some of the top reasons why people order from our Love, Tingkat! menu as opposed to our regular menu.

Isn’t all Tingkat the same?

Not all Tingkat menus are created equal. From the ingredients used to the techniques, and even the sodium and oil levels – there are so many ways of preparing Tingkat food items to be delivered to your doorstep.

Even so, we have honed in on the health aspect even more with our healthy Love, Tingkat! menu, thinking about families that need to provide healthier food for their household.

How do I know if Love, Tingkat!’s food is suitable for my family’s taste?

For families that have gotten used to our regular Tingkat menu, fret not as the same way we’ve prepared our regular menu is the same way we’re using to prepare our Love, Tingkat! menu. 

The main difference is the full menu of fresh ingredients we use for our healthier Tingkat menu version. While we do not provide sample meals, we can assure you that customers who have tried our Love, Tingkat! menus have been surprised at how good the food tastes as they are not used to enjoying such healthy food. We know that because we taste our food to ensure they are the best we can provide for our customers, incorporating professional cooking techniques to bring out the best flavour each ingredient has to offer.

Which families should consider getting Love, Tingkat! for their families?

While we believe that all families that want to lead a healthier lifestyle should order from our Love, Tingkat! menu, we believe even more so that families with growing children, elderly, or those with various medical conditions should eat healthier food.

Not only are our healthy menus full of nutrition, but each dish is also cooked with professional techniques to make them absolutely delicious. Our mission at FattyDaddyFattyMummy isn’t just to cook healthy food for you; it is also to do so in a way that you can enjoy every single mouthful of each meal.


Indeed, different families have different preferences. But for those that want to provide the best for their family, we know that they will be satisfied with our Love, Tingkat! menu and have peace of mind knowing that they’re getting good, delicious meals for their loved ones every day.

We provide more than Tingkat home delivery in Singapore, and we’ve stepped out to include a menu full of international cuisines and even seasonal menus lined up for the future. Drop us a message or check out our website to see what we have to offer to you for the months ahead!