Delightful Tingkat: Homecooked Food With A Delicious Twist

Delightful Tingkat: Homecooked Food With A Delicious Twist

We’ve all had that homecooked experience growing up as young children and teenagers. Often, this happens with our grandparents cooking, creating fond memories and great tasting food at the dinner table while we were growing up. But while our parents grew up mainly eating Chinese food, we have grown up in a time when we can find all sorts of cuisine at the malls we frequent. We have so many choices at our fingertips, from local delights like nasi lemak to overseas cuisine like the Japanese teriyaki chicken.

Not just for the food we enjoy outside, we thought if there were any ways to bring this experience to our dining tables at home. With the prevalence of better cooking techniques and the abundance of international sauces and ingredients, we realised the answer was yes. Featuring Delightful, Tingkat! as our international cuisine menu, we have experimented with the best tasting and natural ingredients to keep that familiar homecooked food experience while ensuring you get your favourite dishes from a wide variety of cuisines at home. But is that all there is to our Delightful, Tingkat! menu?

Huge variety of flavours and cuisines

We know everyone has different cuisines that they love, but even eating the same food over and over again can be boring. Thus, we took the best of all the cuisines we know and came up with a rotating international cuisine, so that you have something different to look forward to every night. We already mentioned the types of cuisines we have to offer, but apart from just a different menu or recipe, we show you just what else do to make our food taste so much better.

Healthy and has No MSG

Meals at home aren’t just meant to be delicious; they are often a chance for us to feed our loved ones with food that is healthy and nutritious. This is often the case for working families as they often have young kids or their elderly parents at home to take care of.

We take great care to only use the freshest ingredients available, choosing those that are incredibly nutritious. We use a combination of healthy oil and lower sodium salt, utilising absolutely no MSG in all the food we cook. Health is the most crucial part of cooking for our families, and we make sure you get the same with us too.

Full of flavour

We get this question a lot: how do you actually get great tasting food with zero MSG? Well, the answer is simple. MSG can be replaced by food rich in compounds that enable the 5th (and arguably most delicious) taste – umami.

This umami tasting compound can be found throughout Asian cuisine – the Japanese use kombu and katsuobushi, Chinese use oyster or hoisin sauces, various South East Asian cuisine utilises fish sauces, Italians use tomatoes, and other western countries make use of cheese and anchovies.

What about us? We learn this concept and use a blend of premium sauces and techniques learnt from professional kitchens to bring out that extra flavour that makes every dinner affair an absolutely delicious one.

Convenience and comfort from home

The best thing about dinners at home is the conversation we have at the dinner table. While that sounds like something apart from how the food actually is, we can’t deny that having great food makes people look forward to each and every dinner setting.

People stay longer for the food, and it gives time for family members to connect and have great conversation. Whether you’re having a good or bad day, having good food is like a mini celebration for the victories and a great comfort from the difficult times. Rather than jostling for seats or waiting to be served, it feels great when you can have food prepared and ready for you at the time of your convenience.


And so whether you are looking for a variety of flavours for picky children or healthy tingkat for the elderly at home, Delightful, Tingkat! serves as the perfect option to satisfy the nutritional requirements for both. Japanese, Western, Indian, Korean and more, we make sure you get the best of what every cuisine has to offer. Check out our monthly menus and see the variety of delicious food you can get at your dinner table with us and we’ll be glad to feed you and your family with delicious, good food!